La Reflexión en el Camino | Studio Process

“They can detain their body but they can’t detain their soul” its a personal quote I posted on social media the first time I shared this painting. It is a reflection of the political times, the immigration policies that affect so many undocumented children and the alarming number of under-age undocumented immigrants detained in facilities across the US/Mexico border.  Although a negative and painful truth, my painting embodies a sense of hope and freedom for the future. The Monarch butterfly is a migratory species traveling across the US and Mexico on its way to its ultimate paradise. No wall will ever detained their journey. 

This work will be on view at the National Museum of Mexican Art from April to August 2017. 

La Reflexión en el Camino, 2017
Mixed media on canvas (custom limited edition signed prints available)
42 × 76 in





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