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Our mission is to assist contemporary artists to manage and advance their art careers to the next level. We are an online-based platform designed to provide professional development opportunities through courses, coaching and strategic sessions. Our courses and seminars offer in-depth learning about various topics relevant to artists. Our focus is on resources in the areas of business strategies, marketing, organization, productivity, as well as, practical advice in the business of art and emotional wellness. We believe that artists who adopt a wholeness approach (mind, body & soul) can enjoy a fulfilling balanced-life.
Art NXT Level was designed for artists who are looking for practical advice and tools that will take their art career to the next level. Our passion is to inspire our students to thrive and succeed in their art career while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In our free weekly podcasts, we share with our listeners tips and insights about topics related to the art career and wellness. Our guests range from successful artists and professionals in the art world to professionals in the wellness arena.

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