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Inspiring artists to take control of their art career. Hosted by Sergio Gomez, The Artist Next Level Podcasts features interviews with successful artists, art professionals, and provides practical advice to take your art career to the next level. Join us every week to get your dosage of inspiration and check out our resources at or in iTunes


The Artist NXT Level Program

Our mission is to assist contemporary artists to manage and advance their art careers to the next level. We are an online-based platform designed to provide professional development opportunities through courses, coaching and strategic sessions. Our courses and seminars offer in-depth learning about various topics relevant to artists. Our focus is on resources in the areas of business strategies, marketing, organization, productivity, as well as, practical advice in the business of art and emotional wellness. We believe that artists who adopt a wholeness approach (mind, body & soul) can enjoy a fulfilling balanced-life.


Sergio Gomez Art Blog

A blog dedicated to the visual arts. I feature interviews, commentary, essays, exhibition announcements, tutorials, reviews and much more.

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Presence-Absence Traveling Exhibition

Presence / Absence is a two-person traveling exhibition of painting works by Sergio Gomez and Mark Zlotkowski.

“Gomez paintings are fused with meditations on the multifaceted experiences of human condition and spirituality throughout the cycles of life. The human form is the dominant element in his work and it exists as an anonymous representation of the self. Gomez’ delves into the essence of humanity and the human condition”. “Zlotkowski’s work bears witness to deeply personal versions of shared human experiences. The work makes sense of seeming paradoxes: the urban meets the wilderness; fires burn without consuming; the mundane, ephemeral stuff of life cracks open to reveal its eternal substance”.

Presence Absence hopes to encourage its audience to a deeper understanding of their own visible and invisible experiences. This exhibition is available for bookings.

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I AM American Traveling Exhibition

Curated by Sergio Gomez

I AM American Exhibition is not a single perspective on immigration or ethnicity. Instead, using a variety of styles, visual forms, symbols and metaphors, each work provides a wide angle view into the bi-cultural experience. Some of the artists are first, second or third generation immigrants. Others, can trace their heritage back to the Native American Indians.  In that sense, this non-literal exhibition on the American experience provides the viewer with ample room for conversation and personal interpretation. Some works directly approach the theme of identity while others delve on other subjects related to the American experience. Ultimately, this exhibit explores the meaning of being “American”.-

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Artists In Their Studios

A curated blog of curated videos featuring artists in their studios.

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