Sentinel 1 and 2 | Studio Process

The works Sentinel 1 and 2 are the beginning of an exploration for me working with graphite over a black surface. The human figure is delineated using the paint texture as to create a visual enclosure. Graphite is then applied inside this enclosure in various layers to achieve the metallic luminosity of the surface.

Both Sentinel 1 and 2 are depicted standing in the middle of the composition as guardians to the other side. The frame enclosure also helps to create a visual separation and a window between us and them. The Sentinel Series is a reflection on our psychological layers of protection that we build as we go through life’s difficult valleys. It reflects in our mechanism to feel “safe” and not vulnerable.  Both Sentinel paintings stand as guardians to what is precious within each one of us.

Sentinel #1
Acrylic, graphite and paper on canvas
36 × 43 1/2 in
Sentinel #2
Acrylic, graphite and paper on canvas
43 1/2 × 36 in
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