Physis Series


This is a Series of paintings I did in 2012 for my solo show at the Museo Regionali Di Scienze Naturali.

Physis (Greek: φύσις) is a Greek theological, philosophical, and scientific term usually translated into English as “nature.”

1. the principle of growth or change in nature.
2. nature as the source of growth or change.
3. something that grows, becomes, or develops.


A Sign of Light

by Luigi Franchi

There is always a sign of light in the paintings by Sergio Gomez; whether a hypothetical nocturnal moth placed in the exact spot where the heart of man lies or a shining beacon that makes the distinctive feature of the thought of an artist which moves easily between these works. Figures appear sad completely captive by the rhythm that life has imposed upon them; frantic, metropolitan, absent. However, as we say in Italy, the heart cannot be controlled and the small bright green light is there to prove it.

The feeling you get is the same that you have when you are in front of the latest generation’s low-voltage light bulb which illuminates slowly. If you observe long enough, the works of Gomez undergo a metamorphosis. The green spots become more luminous and the painting slowly invades and illuminates the figures to reveal a face.

The man is no longer as stressed, tense, aware, but humbled (or merely a lucky stroke of Gomez), full of desire to move along to explore new parts of the world and new people in his search for happiness. The multiple veins, more or less subtle, which outline the human body are no longer afraid of the paintings as that tiny leaf of light makes it warmer.
Like melancholy, it almost seems that the small symbol should have the power to transform the sentiments. As this merging becomes one with nature, it faces a peaceful path. At the same time it becomes restless in the middle of the night. Beneath the mark of his art, which can be found in every detail of the works Gomez creates, the artist wants to bring back the quest for identity. Such identity reproduces itself in a figurative style. It is also an identity of thinking that needs not to be observed in a superficial manner. Rather, it should be observed with uninhibited eyes.


The Heart of Nature

by Guido Folco

Highly personal and human is the art of Sergio Gomez, a versatile protagonist of the international art scene, curator, gallery owner, designer, painter, professor, and performance artist. He possesses a personality that demonstrates gestural intensity, dynamism, color, chiaroscuro, focus, and is symbolically reaching out to explore the human soul through the development of the real.

The art of Sergio Gomez is a restless mirror of the times in which we live. It is a challenging dialectic between man and history, and between the world and its fears. The nature and the universe enter the work of Gomez to reveal the spirit of mankind, digging the unconscious and absorbing the nectar of life in a continuous unfolding of time and the seasons of life.

Sergio Gomez has prepared a series of works unified by the theme of nature as a vital element of the being and the world. The germination that evolves from the heart of the artist along with vital organs become roots and branches reaching across the body of these evanescent figures present in every work. This is symbolically true of all humanity and it is a metaphor for change; the growth of an ecological mantra and an idea within the soul of a contemporary society.

They are the veins and arteries pulsing blood and vitality, creating ecological, psychological, intellectual and cultural synopses. The artist’s heart beats in unison to that of nature becoming part of it. It transforms itself into energy, carrying through a complete metamorphosis between body and spirit. The technique in acrylic on paper and canvas, two natural materials fused together, create an overlap and iconographic dialectic between humanity and the outside world. Through his inner dialogue grows a silent hope for the human condition, nature, the planet and our future.

In contrasting color, almost monochromatic, emerges with impetus the personal traits of the artist characterized by his own physical outline defining volumes and shapes and the contours of the unconscious as if they were landscapes. The anthropomorphic presences in the paintings of Gomez nourish an idea of pantheistic deity, becoming completely immersed in continuous existence. Similar to sacred icons, its human profiles introduce us to another dimension, as if they were open to the unconscious, only partly revealed by the poetry of the author partially hidden from the eyes of the world.

The art is thus able to express a deep feeling of rebirth ingrained in contemporary society. Although strongly desired, it is contrasted by the lack of consciousness and responsibility of our time.








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